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Cobbie & Dessa Palms, Mission Co-workers

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Meet our mission workers with the Phillipine Ministry, Cobbie and Dessa Palm. They have worked with Silliman University to develop sanitation and safe drinking water in rural communities. The Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions established Silliman University in 1901. It is the first American School in the Philippines and the entire Asian continent. Keep posted for more information about Cobbie and Dessa and their ministry in the Philippines.

12/14/2022 Update: We’ve received a letter Cobbie and Dessa. They share the work they’ve created as a part of the Founder’s Week celebration at Silliman University in the Philippines. After a two-year hiatus of face-to-face meetings, they developed five stories about the consequences of the pandemic on different people through plays, song, and dance. Their letter is on display on the bulletin board across from the church secretary's office.

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